Ziggy decides to leave… but with whom?

Tegan panics and tells Ziggy she has to leave before the police arrive. She asks Ziggy to leave with her, but it’s too much for Ziggy to handle and he flees. The police aren’t far behind but Scott manages to deter them. However, the close call is all too much and Scott tells Tegan she’s on her own. Meanwhile, Ziggy realises that Tegan loves him more genuinely than Leela and decides to go away with her and Rose.

Elsewhere, Diane and Tony overhear DS Thorpe saying he’s got a lead on Rose and they follow him to Southport. Tegan waits at the apartment for Ziggy to arrive, but the police turn up instead after a call from Ziggy. Diane and Tony are disgusted as Tegan is arrested.

Meanwhile, Louis is heartbroken about Simone pushing their daughter away and reveals that he has always blamed her for Lisa’s kidnap. Louis is about to leave when ‘Wayne’ arrives and tells them he knows where they can find Lisa.

Also, when Pete tells Jack about Harry and Cleo’s whipped cream fight at the coffee shop, Jack tells Cleo that she hasn’t got the job. Cleo breaks up with Harry. Harry thinks Cleo must be seeing someone else and convinces Holly to help him spy on her. He’s relieved when he sees Cleo with Pete, unaware he’s the other man…