Ziggy embarrasses Ruby at The Dog

Robbie takes Ziggy’s phone and texts Ruby to send him a photo, before uploading the provocative pic to Joe and Lindsey’s wedding slide show at The Dog. Ruby is furious when Ziggy doesn’t take this violation seriously but he wins her round with his charm. Although when she thinks he’s asking her to move in with him, Ziggy is struck with terror.

Sienna figures out who Nancy has slept with when she hears Freddie and Nancy talking about Joe and it only takes a couple of subtle hints to Darren for him to realise who his wife has slept with. As Joe and Lindsey stand at the altar, Darren furiously charges down the aisle and punches his half-brother.

Lindsey can tell Darren’s telling the truth and also punches Joe, before grabbing Nancy by the hair. The two women are pulled apart and, back at the Roscoes, Joe tries to talk Lindsey round. Later, Freddie confesses his love to Lindsey.

Jim enters the interview room as Freddie is about to confess to Sam. His usual magic does the trick and Sam is thrown when Freddie tells her it was Browning who killed Trent. They search Browning’s car and find Trent’s I.D card and Freddie is released. However, Sam knows there’s more to this than meets the eye.