Ziggy is left shaken

Mick terrifies Ziggy as she makes her way home

Ziggy crosses paths with Mick who’s having a breakdown without his medication. She manages to escape but is clearly rattled by the encounter. The next day, as the Astonis are handing out leaflets, Mick bumps into Ziggy and Ben nearly punches him before Maggie stops him. Has Mick made another enemy?

Meanwhile, Tori and Justin are livid over the disappearance of Buddy. Justin decides to take matters into his own hands. He uses the photo sent to his mobile phone of Buddy and manages to track down Willow. He arrives at Willow’s place and overhears two men threatening her about the money he handed to the police. Can Justin protect Willow and Buddy?

Also, Irene and Ash meet with a lawyer who is confident that Mick will not be granted custody of Luc. However, just as the meeting ends, the police arrive to arrest Ash for assaulting Mick…