Ziggy proposes to Leela

Ziggy tries to impress Leela with flowers but when that doesn’t work he asks her to marry him. Leela is furious that he would ask her to get married but agrees they can get back together.

Sienna helps Maxine pack but Dennis tries to persuade Dodger to go with her. Maxine waits at the airport for Dodger but Sienna has called the police about Dodger’s attack on her father and he’s arrested!

Mercedes and Freddie sleep together and are giddy in front of Lindsey, which infuriates her. Lindsey warns Mercedes away from Freddie, but Mercedes ignores her. Lindsey calls Freddie to come to her baby scan and they nearly kiss.

Cameron gets himself a job with Tony. Danny goes to the restaurant to tell Tony about Cameron’s past but Tony ignores this and offers Cameron and Ste the chef job. Danny agrees with Sam that they do need to leave in order to protect Peri from finding out that Cameron is actually her dad.