Diane discovers the photo of Rose that Tegan posted. Tegan panics when Tony tells her they’re taking the photo to the police to be analysed. Ziggy notices a poster for the Beefcake Boyz show in the background of Rose’s photo. He knows the show is in Southport so decides to start his search for Rose there. Ziggy finds a Southport address in Tony’s SatNav – but is horrified when he turns up at the address and sees Tegan.

Cleo is awkward after her kiss with Pete but continues to give into his demands so he’ll stay and help keep Reenie on track. Desperate to avoid a night in alone with him, though, Cleo offers to do a trial shift for Jack at the coffee shop. Later, Harry arrives and they have a whipped cream fight.

Also, the Lovedays continue their search for Lisa. Zack can’t take anymore, though, and tells his dad that Simone is the reason Lisa left.