Ziggy wrestles with Cameron!

It’s RAG week and Leela and Tegan are at the hospital raising money. Ziggy turns up to help, dressed as a sumo wrestler, and Cameron offers to be his opponent. But when their fight gets out of hand, Tegan pulls Ziggy away and into the hospital lift, where she pushes the emergency stop button – they’re staying there until he forgets about Leela!

Meanwhile, Grace fears for Esther’s health when the teen collapses and she takes her to the hospital for a check-up. But Esther is suspicious of her concern – does she have an ulterior motive?

Lindsey is shocked to find her sister, Kim, in the Roscoes’ kitchen and later finds out Kim is working at the hospital as a nurse. Freddie and Big Bob have also turned up at the hospital to steal drugs, but Lindsey spots them and asks for an explanation. At that moment, Big Bob gets his gun and jabs it into Freddie’s back and is soon holding everyone at the hospital hostage…

Back in the village, Myra plans her revenge on the O’Connors by booking a table at The Hutch and asking Tony to set up a big screen for a home video she wants to show.