Zoe and Connie go to war!

Clinical lead Zoe’s determined to reassess her authority since being forced to accept consultant Connie Beauchamp on her team by hospital CEO Guy Self! Convinced her job’s at risk, this week Zoe refuses to back down when Connie tries to overrule her on a number of standard procedures – resulting in a series of serious clashes. It doesn’t help that the two alpha doctors are sharing a cramped office, or that Connie has introduced an annoying new Tannoy system without running it by Zoe!

A mutual respect builds up over the course of a trying day, however, and Zoe is slowly coming round to the idea that Connie isn’t the threat she thought she was.

But when Connie stays late after Zoe’s gone home, she makes herself comfortable in the clinical leads chair. And it’s clear she’s got a takeover on her mind!

Meanwhile, Lily continues to try and turn over a new leaf with her colleagues. And it looks like she’s making progress when she’s invited along to the pub after their shift’s finished.

Elsewhere, receptionist Louise’s over-enthusiastic use of the new Tannoy system drives everyone up the wall!

Fletch and Cal continue with their betting games.

Big Mac makes a shocking discovery about a deaf homeless lady.

And Charlie can’t help getting involved with Rob (Born and Bread’s Richard O’Callaghan) and Rosie (EastEnders’ Kate Williams), who are struggling to cope with Rosie’s ever-worsening dementia.