Zoe and Mike get steamy

Zoe tries to talk to Mike following his outburst at the party, and demands to know why he dumped her. Mike admits that he’s not ready for anything too serious and when Zoe agrees, the pair take advantage of being alone and get passionate together, unaware they are being watched…

The atmosphere is tense at the McQueens’ as John-Paul tries to cope with Kieron’s shocking revelation that he is gay. John-Paul feels awkward at having to hide the truth from Myra who is still coming to terms with Michaela’s sudden departure from home. Kieron is also regretting his confession, as he tries to win John-Paul over.

Wanting to share the burden of Kathy’s letter, Sarah heads around to Amy’s, but finds Michaela and Ste there. Later, Sarah and Amy read the letter together and are both forced to question whether they want Kathy back in their lives.

After her theatre trip with OB left her with a renewed determination to land a dream job in the West End, Summer reveals to OB that she plans to stalk Lord Lloyd-Webber, and make him hear her sing. Meanwhile, OB gets excited as he prepares to pitch his inventions to a team of investors.

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