Zoe’s pregnancy lie is exposed in the gripping final episode of Casualty this week.

Boyfriend Jordan has believed she’s been carrying his child for weeks as she was unable to tell him the truth about her negative pregnancy test.

Zoe’s been taking fertility drugs in the hope of getting pregnant before he finds out. She’s not had any luck, however, and last week Jordan found her pills.

This week, in the second episode of a two-part finale, he tells Zoe he knows her secret. But when she realises he’s talking about the drugs and still thinks she’s pregnant, she’s left with a serious decision to make.

Later, an encounter with a patient forces Zoe to face facts and she comes clean to Jordan and tells him the truth. Seconds later the hospital looses its electricity supply when the son of a patient who is about to have his legs amputated damages the hospital generator!

Shona arrives at the hospital for a check-up in terrible pain – she hasn’t felt the baby kick for days. Finding her collapsed on the floor in the dark, Lenny and Yuki put aside their differences to help her out.

Zoe and Jordan are forced to work together to save a life, but the atmosphere between them is frosty. When the power is restored Zoe races after Jordan and announces in front of everyone that she loves him – but he doesn’t respond.

At the end of their shift the staff gather to celebrate Adam’s 40th birthday and the news that Charlie’s a granddad. Zoe, however, leaves the hospital alone…

Is this really the end of the line for the couple?