Darren tries to secretly replace the £200 he stole from Zoe, but he’s too late when she realises her cash is missing. Assuming the money has been stolen, Zoe blames Jess. But when Darren tries to play down Jess’s involvement, Zoe gets suspicious and realises Darren is the thief. After he admits the truth, hurt Zoe dumps him for good.

While Malachy supervises Jake on the building site, Kris arrives dressed in his usual outlandish gear. Mortified Malachy tells him to get lost, but stubborn Kris insists he’s sticking around and even picks up a shovel, determined to embarrass his big brother. And Malachy’s day gets even worse when he’s sacked.

Later, Jake looks forward to an evening at home with Nancy but is furious when she’s held up with Hannah. When Nancy returns, she’s astounded when he angrily tells her that he and Charlie will leave if she continues to ignore her family.

Nancy and Sarah join Hannah as she plucks up the courage to go out for a drink. Hannah explains she just wants to be treated normally, but feels insecure when Beth encourages her to make a play for Danny. But after Beth engineers a conversation between Hannah and Danny, they end up swapping numbers.