Zoe fears for Sharice

When Zoe arrives for work to find young Sharice waiting for her, she suspects she’s been sent by Abby as emotional blackmail and walks away. Abby realises her daughter is missing and, when she finds her, the pair end up at a scrapyard with abusive Finn. Abby tries to protect Sharice from Finn by hiding her in the boot of a scrap car, attacking him with a spanner as she tries to escape.

Finn catches up with Abby with disastrous consequences, while Sharice has been left for dead in the boot of the car, which is waiting to be scrapped. When Finn and Abby are brought into resus, Zoe races to the scrapyard with police in frantic search for Sharice, who is found and brought to Holby. As Abby and Finn rapidly deteriorate, Zoe sits by Sharice’s bedside, hoping the little girl will pull through…

Meanwhile, Tess tries to get hold of Jessica, who has not shown up for work. A distraught Jessica is at home watching a video of her children when her mother-in-law, Maureen, turns up to tell her that the new owners of the house want to move in and produces a contract that Sean tricked her into signing before he left. But Maureen refuses to listen to Jessica’s pleas and insists she hands over the keys.

Also, Alex arrives at the hospital as Adam has booked him in for an operation. But when the brothers clash over the surgery, Alex is not sure he wants to go through with it.