Zoe struggles to manage the ED as mountains of paperwork, meetings and continually being short staffed takes its toll. Senior nurse Charlie takes her aside and gives her a dressing down. Meanwhile the chaos in the ED results in several patients and their families threatening official complaints. If scheming consulatant Connie stages a coup, this could be the end of her reign as Clinical Lead!

Elsewhere, Lily adds to Zoe’s problems when she goes behind the back of doctor colleague Cal and sends his vulnerable patient, solicitor Anna Steel, to the psychiatric ward for an assessment without consulting him.

Anna attacks hospital porter Max when she discovers where she’s being taken and seeks refuge on the hospital roof. In a dreamlike and disorientated state confused Anna teeters towards the edge of the rooftop and is on the verge of plunging to her death!

Cal and Jeff manage to save Anna, but it’s a close call. Disgraced Lily then discovers Anna isn’t mentally ill – a tumour is causing her uncharacteristic behaviour. At the end of the shift Cal makes a move on Lily and the pair leave for a night out together. But before they leave, triumphant Cal lets Fletch know he’s won their bet – gambling addict Fletch now owes Cal money too!

Paramedic Jeff is partnered with Tamzin, but he clearly doesn’t trust her judgement and gives her a hard time during the shift. They manage to resolve their differences, but it remains to be seen whether Jeff can really forgive Tamzin for her lack of professionalism in the past.