Sarah infuriates Mike by giving Amy’s room to Zoe, who’s decided she can’t live with cheating Jess. Exasperated that Mike won’t accept Amy has moved on with her life, Sarah pleads with him to let Zoe stay. However, Zoe and Sarah are alarmed when Kathy tells them that the only way Zoe is going to feel better, is to get revenge.

Although Jacqui is thrilled with Tina’s offer to have a surrogate baby for her, Tony doubts whether this is the right way forward. Tina reassures Tony that she wants to do this for her sister and that Dom will support her. However, Dom is furious with Tina for not discussing it with him first and informs a devastated Jacqui she will have to find another way of getting a baby.

Nancy realises the extent of the work she needs to put in with Newt when he drops by the flat. Newt relaxes and opens up to Nancy as she reassures him that there is nothing wrong in being different. Meanwhile, Jake struggles to contain feelings of jealousy and ends up reading Nancy’s text messages on her mobile phone.