Kris and Nancy listen to Zoe’s side of the story at the prison. Zoe hands over a letter addressed to ‘Sarah’ Nancy and Kris promise to take it to her funeral. Back home, Kris and Nancy are finally reconciled and ask Loretta to look after Charlie. She takes him to the park where she meets a suspicious Jake.

Ste soon puts Natty to work at Il Gnosh when Mike arrives. He’s struggling to cope and asks Ste for help. Ste explains that he’s busy and Mike storms out. Later, Natty tells Mike that Ste is organising the catering for Sarah’s wake and Ste soon realises Natty had his best interests at heart.

Gilly and Loretta struggle to get a carpet cleaner upstairs, when Jake arrives, unable to see what they’re up to he mistakes their conversation for something a tad more saucy. Realising he’s got the wrong end of the stick, Jake’s relieved to hear there’s nothing going on between them.

Also; Michaela’s thrilled with the effort Zak’s put in to ensure her first day as a student gets off to a great start, until Dave makes an appearance. A despondent Zak watches with envy as she heads off on her college adventure.

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