Zoe quits!

Zoe’s career as Holby City ED’s clinical lead comes tumbling down around her ears this week when she walks out of the hospital to attend a helicopter crash, instead of facing up to her responsibilities of running the department!

With the department under intense media scrutiny, following a series of deaths at the struggling ED, CEO Guy Self calling for an inquiry, and disgruntled staff giving her the cold shoulder, Zoe jumps at the chance to help out at the accident scene away from the hospital.

Consultant Connie, who’s been openly critical of the running of the department, is fuming at Zoe’s abandonment of her post.

When Zoe returns to the ED later, battered and bruised, she’s forced to deal with a barrage of questions from the press. But when she gives a rousing statement condemning the hospital heads and praising her overworked staff a phone call from Guy Self soon follows…

Unable to deal with the politics, Zoe hands in her notice…leaving a vacancy for ambitious Connie!

Connie accepts the offer to become the ED’s new clinical lead – only on the if he accepts her terms and conditions…

Elsewhere, womanising doctor Cal asks junior doctor Lily out, so scupper his brother Ethan’s plans for a cosy night in with her!

When Lily overheard Cal bragging about their previous one-night stand. Angry and hurt she confides in Ethan, who tracks his brother down and punches him!