Zoe picks up on the bad atmosphere between Tess and Fletch this week and accurately jumps to conclusions about their relationship! The Clinical Lead pulls Tess to one side and asks her straight – did she have an affair with Fletch? Unable to deny it, Tess resolves to improve relations between herself and her ex-lover. Before the shift is over their working relationship is greatly improved.

But can they keep it up?

Meanwhile, junior doctor Lily and nurse Rita clash over the correct course of action to take with a frightened 15-year-old patient who has taken an abortion pill she bought off the Internet. Lily wants to hand the complicated case over to Social Services, whereas Rita wants to gently find out why the girl is terrified of her boyfriend.

Ash backs Rita’s course of action, leaving relations with Lily and her co-workers more strained than ever.

Elsewhere, Robyn comes to the rescue when a teenage boy runs off with his girlfriend in her mother’s car and threatens to kill them both!

Notable guests this week are Claire Bloom and Lynn Farleigh, who play two ageing sisters with a big decision to make.