Jaws hit the floor when Dr Zoe Hanna shows up for the morning shift this week. 

Consultant Zoe walked away from the emergency department after the stress of working under new clinical lead Connie Beauchamp soured the job for her. But she returns following a call from Connie that the ED needs her in the wake of paramedic Jeff’s tragic death.

Zoe hits the ground running on her first day, but to her great surprise none of her colleagues knew she was coming, as Connie didn’t bother to tell them! And soon she begins to wonder if she’s made a mistake in coming back…

Zoe quickly realises the ED is a very different place to how she left it. Staff morale is at an all-time low with hostility between doctor Ash and paramedic Dixie running high.

And the ED isn’t the only thing that’s changed. Zoe’s quit smoking, and she’s also giving her lovelorn ex, Max, the handsome hospital porter, the cold shoulder.

Elsewhere, Dixie and Ash have a full-blown row and Dixie openly blames him for Jeff’s death!

Connie is crumbling under the pressure of running the ED. She fails to deal effectively with the daughter of a deceased patient, who goes on to make a formal complaint about her.

Ethan has had enough of this freeloading brother Cal. Ethan arranges a viewing at a local apartment, but Cal only pretends to go. He has no intention of moving out!