Zoe’s life or death groundhog night!

In a special one-off episode, Casualty consultant Zoe Hanna experiences an extraordinary nightshift reminiscent of movies Sliding Doors and Groundhog Day!

Zoe’s living nightmare begins when she wakes up in a hotel with boyfriend Max, having had a horrible dream about a little girl dying. Stressed and late, Zoe scrambles to get to work, realising her punctuality means the difference between life and death for patients. And soon Zoe’s nightmare becomes a reality when she’s faced with the choice of treating heavily pregnant Lena or six-year-old Hattie, who’s father accidentally ran her over…

Her medical choices have dire consequences for all but, just as distraught Zoe’s thinking about throwing in the towel, she wakes up in her hotel room again with a chance to re-make all her decisions!

Zoe’s opportunity to start over, however, doesn’t mean things go smoothly second time round! Suddenly, a message from her old hospital pal Maggie Coldwell with an unexpected job offer to work for the air ambulance, has Zoe questioning all her career and life decisions to date.

By the end of her shift, Zoe accepts she can’t save all her patients, but she’ll never stop trying, and decides her place is still at Holby ED.

After this epiphany Zoe wakes up in her hotel room one final time, and manages to change all the outcomes from her earlier experiences by being in the right place at the right time.

Susan Cookson guest stars as former ED medic Maggie Coldwell. Holby City’s Ben Hull also makes a cameo as Doctor Derwood Thompson.