Zoe splits up with Mike

At the Barnes’s house, Zoe is stunned when Mike asks her to come back to him. Although she is tempted, Zoe walks out on Mike for ever.

Meanwhile, as Kris‘s protest gets underway, he’s shocked to hear that Nancy has broken up with Ravi. Kris is relieved to hear he’s not the reason Nancy ended it, but it gets uncomfortable when Ravi asks Kris if he thinks Nancy has another man on the go.

Steph continues to avoid Frankie in the Village while Tom dreads his first day back at school. Later, Steph finally visits her mum and Newt helps them reconcile. Frankie is thrilled when Steph insists she and Newt move back in with her.

Lauren looks forward to the spooky book reading and invites Anita along as cover so she can be with Newt. But she is disappointed to find Newt preoccupied with Frankie and uninterested in her plans.

Meanwhile, Theresa tells Anita that Lauren is using her so she can be with Newt. Anita feels hurt and let down when Lauren admits that it’s true, and a tug of war ensues over Anita’s friendship.

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