Zoe spots Sarah kissing Archie

Things are still awkward between Sarah and Zoe after their kiss, with Sarah desperate to prove to herself she’s not gay. She dolls herself up and heads to the SU bar, where she runs into Archie. Zoe is unimpressed to arrive and find Sarah snogging her brother and warns her off him.

Resigned to his fate, Tony prepares to go to the police to change his statement. However, on his way, he calls round to try to make things right between he and Jacqui and offers to buy the salon back for her. After insisting she can’t be bought, Jacqui has a change of heart. However, with Tony already heading to the police station to plead guilty, the girls have a race against time to stop him making the worst decision of his life.

Lauren gives Newt and Anita the silent treatment when she thinks they’re excluding her. Anita tries her best to get Newt and Lauren speaking again but Lauren thinks she’s trying to get Newt for herself. Lauren tries to talk to Newt but he’s not feeling well and they both conclude that they think the other one isn’t interested.

Also, Carmel continues to be protective over her nativity play.

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