Zoe struggles in her new role

It’s Zoe’s first shift as clinical lead and, while she copes well initially with balancing her managerial and clinical duties, she ends up struggling as the conflicting demands of the job mount up. When two boys, Danny and Jake, arrive at Holby after a fight, Zoe takes charge of Jake � anything to get out of a budget meeting.

Later, Zoe flounders when she misses a potentially fatal leg wound. And when Marylin questions why she wasn’t at the meeting, it all starts to get too much for Zoe. At the end of the day, Zoe turns to Sean for moral support, but it’s clear he’s only interested in one thing. Zoe is more hurt than she’ll let on, and ends the relationship.

Also, Toby takes offence when Maggie goes over his head to stop him leaving the department and Kelsey hears from her internet man.