Zoe struggles to forgive Will

Gutted Zoe is finding it hard to forgive Will after her plans to go to film school in New York have been scuppered, and is given food for thought when Zak informs her he has his suspicions about Will’s role in her accident. Zoe ends up getting drunk and making her true feelings known to a shocked Will.

Michaela is fed up with Sonny’s habit of ditching her whenever he sees Wayne, and confides her problem to Russ who suggests that Sonny might still be a virgin. Michaela decides to confront Sonny about his past sexual behaviour but Sonny fobs her off. But she later talks to Wayne, and is shocked to find out why Sonny has been acting the way he has.

Jacqui is finding it hard to adjust to ‘married’ life with Aleksander, not least because a loved-up Mercedes and Russ are full of wedding talk. And when she sees Aleksander putting pictures of their sham wedding in a photo album, Jacqui knows she’s got to get out of the house. She visits Tony in Il Gnosh and he makes her an offer she can’t refuse…

Elliot and Steph bond over UFOs and conspiracy theories. But Steph’s interest comes to an abrupt halt when she realises her cuticles need doing.

*Screened on TV3, Thursday May 3*