Zoe finally gets the chance to give evidence. But it all proves too much for Amy as she screams at Zoe for killing her sister before running out. Zoe finally takes the stand and she’s put through some gruelling questions by the prosecution. The horror of facing a prison sentence starts to kick in, as the members of the jury retire to consider their verdict.

Charlotte’s tormented by Lydia’s revelation. She almost confides in Dave, but can’t go through with it. Charlotte heads over to the court and arrives just in time to rescue Lydia from Nancy, Kris and Archie’s attack.

Gilly’s suffering after eating Cheryl’s Caribbean cuisine but is forced to endure her over zealous ways of helping. He makes a sharp exit when Suzanne arrives home and distracts her. Gilly’s mortified when Steph sees him looking awful but he’s totally smitten when she gently looks after him. Just as Cheryl realises just how much she likes Gilly, Gilly decides he can’t be with her.

Also; Anita tries to befriend Theresa. But Theresa makes fun and asks her what illness she’s making up this week, before stomping off. Anita goes after her, and after a heart to heart the friends are reunited.

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