Zoe’s baby decision

Last week Jordan announced he wanted to settle down with Zoe and have children. This week Zoe’s faced with a major decision – will she tell her lover she’s probably unable to conceive? Determined to find out all the facts before making up her mind, Zoe arranges an appointment with her gynaecologist who reveals she has a 1 in 4 chance of falling pregnant if she undertakes fertility treatment.

Meanwhile, Zoe tries to dissuade Jordan from planning a family, saying she’s not the mothering kind and is a career girl. But he’s not taking no for an answer…

With Jordan so focused on settling down and having a family Zoe decides to secretly have the fertility treatment and increase her chances of making him happy. She tells him she’s going to visit her mother and sneaks off to see her gynaecologist.

Elsewhere, one of Lenny’s patients dies of the mystery Crypto virus. Yuki’s confidence is still crushed. And it looks like romance might be on the cards for Ruth.

Former S-Club-7 member, Jon Lee, guest stars as Craig, a young man who has Motor Neurone Disease. He has the difficult task of telling his girlfriend that he’s suffering from a serious long-term illness.