Zoe’s deadline!

Adam and Henry are disgusted with Zoe when she reveals she’s lost a memory stick containing confidential patient information. Henry gives her a 4pm deadline to retrieve it or else…

Jeff shows off his new rapid response team motorbike. Polly’s sad she won’t be working with him any more while Dixie’s concerned he’s not considered the serious dangers of the job.

Alistair wants to know why Polly didn’t meet him at last week’s creative writing workshop. She gives him the brush off.

Zoe’s day gets worse when Jordan turns up at the hospital and makes it clear she’s not on his list of favourite people. However, when he sees how genuinely upset she is, he softens towards her and she ends up confessing her problems with Joel.

In a bid to help Zoe, Jordan poses as a CID officer and tracks Joel down. But just as he’s about to hand over the memory stick, Zoe calls Jordan so Joel swallows it! Choking he’s rushed to the ED where Zoe removes the stick. She gives it back to Joel along with a complaints form. Just as she’s about to hand in her resignation, Joel has a change of heart and hands everything over to Jordan.

Polly returns home to find a bottle of wine in her flat. As she’s running a bath Alistair creeps up behind her and demands she starts being nicer to him. Petrified, Polly swears she loves him so he’ll leave and then calls the police…