Zoe’s love shock!

After all the drama and heartache with Jordan, Zoe’s been enjoying some uncomplicated fun with new boyfriend, Joel – or so she thinks!

Joel, who turns out to be only 15-years-old, reveals that he’s stolen her computer memory stick containing confidential patient records, and refuses to give it back unless she carries on seeing him. It looks like the feisty medic is heading for more hot water…

Ruth’s rushed to hospital suffering with severe haemorrhaging from the abortion pill. Jay dashes to her side but she refuses to see him.

At the hospital, Ruth’s distraught her colleagues will know what’s happened because they are treating her so she confides in Tess who promises to only tell the surgeons.

Former Corrie star Tracy Shaw pops up this week, playing Jane, the anxious mother of a Leukaemia sufferer who’s in remission. She makes the alarming discovery that her son, Ronan, is seriously ill with measles and because of his impaired immune system, it could prove life threatening.

Elsewhere, Alistair (Joe McFadden) becomes increasingly fixated on Polly and begins to believe she’s his girlfriend.

Ruth agrees to see Jay and they have a heart-to-heart. The couple are back on track until Sarah Evans pays Ruth a visit. Ruth decides she needs to focus on work and plans to break up with Jay…