Zoe’s pregnancy!

Zoe’s still secretly injecting herself with fertility drugs but since upping her dose last week her symptoms of nausea and mood swings have increased.

When she’s visibly unwell at work Jordan suggests it might be morning sickness! Zoe fobs him off and puts her illness down to a stomach bug but later she takes a pregnancy test.

She’s bitterly disappointed with the negative result. Yet when Zoe tries to tell Jordan he interrupts her, assuming she’s pregnant. Unable to burst his bubble, Zoe goes along with it…

Charlie makes a last desperate attempt to get heavily pregnant teenager Shona on the straight and narrow this week. In a bid to keep her out of trouble Charlie takes Shona to work with him, only for her to make a pass at Jay in the staffroom!

To keep her out of mischief Charlie assigns the wilful teen some light duties. But when a patient she’s assisting to the toilets collapses, she panics and steals his wallet.

Finally at his wits’ end, Charlie gets tough with the teen and calls the police who lead her away in handcuffs, kicking and screaming.