Zoe faces a stiff test when she’s officially appointed Holby’s Clinical Lead on the same day there’s a major disaster at a local music festival.

Returning with a new series after a short summer break, this week’s Casualty picks up in the aftermath of the Holby riots. Clinical Lead Nick Jordan is on indefinite leave since he helicoptered off with seriously injured girlfriend, Superintendent Yvonne Rippon.

Since then Jordan’s deputy, Zoe, has been acting Clinical Lead and this week the post is made official.

There’s barely time to digest the news before casualties from a fire at an over-crowded music festival come pouring into the emergency department. Two teenagers, in particular, are critically injured and Zoe is faced with her first life or death decision in her new role…

Kazia Pelka – best known for playing tarty nanny Anna Wolska in Brookside – guest stars this week as Sarah Phelan, the mother of teenager, Danny, who is fighting for his life after being crushed at the music festival.

Danny’s girlfriend Laura, played by former Corrie star Sacha Parkinson (Sian), is also in a serious condition.

Sarah begs Zoe to save her son and blames Laura for his terrible state, as she used stolen wristbands to get them into the festival.

Elsewhere, we catch up with staff nurse Linda (Christine Tremarco), who was stunned when her drug-addicted sister, Denise, turned up out of the blue at Holby City hospital at the end of the last series.

In this week’s opening episode Linda gives her fully-rehabilitated sister her full support. Denise has a job interview to be a cleaner at the hospital and Linda asks Tess to put in a good word with the cleaning contractors on Denise’s behalf. Tess is dubious until Linda convinces her she really believes Denise is clean and could use their help.