It’s Zosia’s first day on Darwin ward and, when she arrives late, Ollie’s not impressed. Ollie wonders why Elliot’s letting cardio novice Zosia perform surgery and, when he learns she’s Guy Self’s daughter, he suspects she’s being given special treatment. When they operate on Ash, a patient with a rare blood type, Zosia makes a near-fatal error and Ollie has to step in.

Later, Ash’s daughter Hayley arrives and needs a life-saving op – but then Ash’s condition worsens, and there’s not enough blood for them both. As Ollie and Zosia clash over whether to operate on Ash or Hayley, it certainly doesn’t look like these two will be working in perfect harmony any time soon…

New AAU nurse Cara senses something amiss with Raf’s patient, Lucy. But when she tries to show initiative and calls in a psychiatrist, Lucy then makes a shocking revelation which jeopardises her surgery.

Also, baby-phobic Dominic assists in a neuro procedure with a pregnant patient and discovers he’s a natural midwife. Could he have a future in obstetrics and gynaecology?