Zosia goes all out to impress Jac

Everyone’s feeling Jac’s wrath since the ice queen returned from maternity leave, but Zosia’s confident she can impress her. When Zosia sees a question mark written next to her name on a board in Jac’s office, however, she fears her days on Darwin are numbered. Zosia’s due to perform a simple procedure on a patient, Tobey, who has plans to go on a road trip, but she’s keen to show off her skills by doing a riskier treatment on him.

Jac becomes angry with Zosia, however, for questioning her clinical judgement and refuses to change Tobey’s treatment. Eventually Jac suggests Zosia try the riskier procedure, but under her guidance. Later, Zosia notices the question mark beside her name has been removed – it seems she might now be safe…

Meanwhile, Arthur and Morven struggle to rekindle their friendship after clashing over patient care. In an effort to impress her, Arthur tries to reinvent himself – but can the new Arthur win back Morven’s respect?

After becoming emotionally involved with patient Lee, Dominic wonders if they could have a future outside the hospital. But with Lee so keen to be discharged, has Dom misread the signals? Or has he got them spot on?