Zosia’s thrilled to get an A grade in her medical exam but she’s scored badly in the patient feedback forms when it comes to her bedside manner. Jesse reckons patient Lindsey Kendal will give Zosia a chance to prove she can have empathy for her patients but, when Lindsey refuses pain relief, Zosia flirts with Jesse hoping he’ll make her see sense but he refuses to help. Dominic reckons Jesse’s winding Zosia up because he fancies her – and he suggests she likes Jesse, too!

Zosia soon works out why Lindsey’s refusing painkillers and forms a bond with the patient, who agrees to be treated with an anaesthetic spray… with hilarious results! Later, Zosia’s visibly annoyed that Jesse’s been entertained by her attempts to be kinder to her patients. But her frustration soon turns into passion, as she throws herself at him and they kiss!

When Harry asks Amy if she’ll be his assessor for his upcoming specialist doctor’s exam, Amy accuses him of playing games but Harry suggests they both want the same thing: him out of AAU. Later, as Harry continues to feel undermined by registrar – and Amy’s husband – Raf he warns Amy that, if Raf doesn’t change his ways, he will bite back. Fearing Harry will spill the beans about their affair, will Amy help Harry move up the career ladder – and away from her?

Also, Mo’s enjoying her celebrity status as Doctor Mo while being dismissive of Adele’s career aspirations. Chastised by Adele for forgetting her mother’s birthday, Mo has to re-assess her priorities. And when a starstuck patient turns violent, she also has to acknowledge Adele’s professional know-how.