The next morning Leon is still missing and Lucy lies that she’s seen him. Fat Boy finds Leon’s coat abandoned in the woods. Zsa Zsa corners Lucy and demands to know the truth, Lucy storms out and heads back to Walford. Peter panics that he ran over Leon and not a deer as he’d thought. The gang retrace their steps and Fat Boy gets a signal on his phone. There’s a message from Leon saying he’s hurt. They discover Leon’s phone and it’s covered in blood…

Pat and Peggy go to Carnaby Street in the West End to celebrate Peggy getting the all clear with champagne. Pat and Peggy are chatted up by two guys, but decide to give them the slip. The ladies part to get ready for their dates. They arrive at the theatre in their glad rags and realise that that Harvey has deceived them both yet again!

Carol has a contact at the education board and learns that Liam’s appeal hasn’t gone well. Ricky and Bianca break the news to Liam and he’s disappointed. Bianca is insistent that Liam is not going to the rough school he’s been placed at and decides to school him at home. Liam isn’t enthusiastic!

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