Former Coronation Street actress Nikki Sanderson has said she is not planning to return to the ITV1 soap.

When asked if she would like to go back to the role of Candice she told the Daily Mirror: “At the moment, no, because I’m enjoying other things.

“And would they want Candice back? But I’d never say never – you don’t know what’s going to happen in the future.”

Nikki said she was more than content now, thanks to landing the part of her dreams as teenage tearaway Dawn in cosy ITV1 drama Heartbeat.

Speaking about the wardrobe she gets to wear on the show, Nikki enthused: “I’m loving it. It’s like being a little girl again, getting to dress up in your mum’s cast offs.

“I know parts of all the decades come in and out of fashion, but you never get to wear an entire outfit exactly how it was. Some of my dresses are really out there.

“One is an orange multi-coloured mini dress, with big cut out hoops around the midriff. It’s phenomenal.”

The star has certainly not been resting on her laurels since quitting the Street.

“I’ve been really busy,” she admitted, adding: “I’ve done a few dramas like Strictly Confidential and New Street Law, and some radio, like Radio 4’s The Afternoon Play, so I’ve been very lucky.”

Heartbeat is shown on Sunday nights on ITV1.