Can Luc be Holby’s hero of the hour?

Luc Hemingway must stop a deadly disease in this week’s Holby City before it claims lives, as Joseph Millson reveals…

Luc’s got some very sick patients on AAU in this week’s episode – and it doesn’t help that colleague Eddi’s late on shift. What’s their relationship been like since they kissed?

“At the moment, they’re in a ‘can’t live with, can’t live without’ place. Luc and Eddi seem to look forward to seeing each other at work but can’t help but annoy one another once they’re there – and that’s certainly what happens this week.”

At one point, Eddi says she’s tired of trying to understand Luc. Do you like his air of mystery?

“Yes, I do. Luc’s such a complicated and private man, which is fun to play especially because I’m the opposite. I walk into a room and people know my life story within seconds, I can’t help it. I massively over-share!”

Registrar Luc’s very good at his job – but he doesn’t immediately work out why all the patients on AAU are so unwell…

“It seems like a normal day for Luc but there’s a security guard, Keith, who keeps bothering him with flu-like symptoms. Luc thinks he’s just trying to jump the queue and doesn’t take the time to properly diagnose him. With so many other sick patients and the stress of having a woman in his life, things get on top of Luc and, for the first time, it seems he’s lost control.”

Eventually, Luc suspects the hospital has an outbreak of potentially fatal Legionnaires’ disease. How does he feel?

“Luc’s very annoyed to have missed something so vital and blames himself. He knows that if he hadn’t been so stressed he would have worked out three hours earlier that it was Legionnaires’ disease. It’s just been one of those days where Luc hasn’t been able to see the wood for the trees – but he has a ‘eureka moment’ just in time.”

Is Luc able to save the day?

“Luc feels responsible for letting the situation get so bad and is determined to put things right, so there is a chance he’ll get to wear that superhero costume after all. Luc is a bit of a hero of mine actually – I wish I could be more like him.”

Holby City continues at 8pm on BBC1.

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