Tina Hobley tells What’s on TV about her return to the wards of Holby City this week, and Chrissie’s new man…

Chrissie’s back after her maternity break and it doesn’t take her long to find a new man, does it?
“No! If only life were like this. She gets a date with Doctor Greg within about five minutes! When I picked up the script and saw that, I was like, ‘Yes! Thank you!’”

But what about Sacha, her son’s father?
“I know, poor Sacha. She feels nothing for him. She actually asks him to babysit while she goes out for a drink with Greg. He asks her how late she’ll be and she replies, ‘Really late, like all night late!’ She doesn’t even feel bad.”

Sacha is smitten with Chrissie – do you think they should be together?
“I’d love them to, way down the line. It’d be so easy for Chrissie to end up with a ‘Greg’, but for her to end up with Sacha is much more interesting.”

How did it feel for you, returning to work after the birth of Orson (Tina’s third child, born in March)?
“I’m still in the bubble of enjoying being back and seeing all my friends. It’s a refreshing change to be honest, to come in and have someone make me a cup of tea in the morning. It’s quite nice. My mum looks after Orson when I’m filming. She lives near the studio so I’m very lucky.”

Is it true he’ll be appearing as Chrissie’s son, Daniel, in the show?
“Yes. It just felt strange using another baby, when I could have my son there. He’ll only be in the show maybe twice in a year, but I thought it would be nice to have some footage of him as a baby for when I’m old and grey.”

*Holby City screens on Tuesday at 8pm on BBC1