Annalese wants to leave the country – and Michael’s not happy, as Holby City‘s Hari Dhillon reveals…

When Annalese turns up at Holby, what does Michael think she wants to talk to him about?
“Michael thinks she’s going to tell him that she and Ric are getting married. Secretly, he wishes the news WAS that they were getting married – but, as it is, Ric and Annalese have broken up and the real news is much worse!”

So what is Annalese’s bombshell?
“Annalese tells Michael that she’s been offered a job, which is great but, of all the places, it’s in the States! As it turns out, it’s not as bad as he thinks, it’s a temporary job, but she’s going away – and she wants to take their children with her.”

Is that what really upsets Michael?
“I think Michael would be happy for her to go by herself, but he really lashes out when he realises she’s taking his kids away. He might not be the best father in the world, but he does really care about his kids.”

Michael thinks Ric has put her up to the move, and confronts him. How does Ric react?
“Ric’s actually the one who told Annalese she should let Michael know. Ric tells Michael that the move is going to happen and that maybe he could make it happen in a way that’s beneficial for all of them.”

What! Ric’s standing up for love rival Michael?
“Exactly! Michael thinks: ‘Ric, you must feel really sorry for me if you are standing up for me and that really sucks!’ Michael would rather have Ric as an enemy than as an ally.”

Does Michael take Ric’s advice?
“Michael and Annalese sit down and talk, probably for the first time since their divorce. She accepts that being apart from his kids will be hard on Michael and he realises going to America is something she’s got to do. They reach an understanding.”

Holby City screens on BBC1 on Tuesday evening.