Duncan Pow dishes the Holby dirt!

Duncan Pow – aka Holby‘s hunky doctor Linden Cullen tells us what he thinks of his character’s latest troubles…

Faye’s up the duff with Joseph’s baby – will the Linden/Joseph/Faye saga ever end?

“I know! It’s the never ending story! It will end at some point I can assure you though. We’re filming the build-up to that now.”

Exciting! How does Linden feel about Faye being pregnant with Joseph’s baby?

“He’s madly in love with Faye and a decent man so he vows to stand by her. Obviously he’s not thrilled, but Faye didn’t cheat on him. It’s just bad timing.”

There’s the issue of the baby maybe contracting Lowes disease – which Faye’s late son Archie had – isn’t there?

“Yes. Joseph thinks Faye should have the test but Linden is a godfearing sort and says they will love it whatever the outcome. He doesn’t think they should have the test.”

Do we smell a row between Joseph and Linden brewing?

“Oh yes. They have a big argument and it all gets very shouty. In the end it’s up to Faye to point out that it’s her baby – she gets to decide.”

All the troubles they’ve been through – do you pick up a script and wonder what else can they throw at Linden?

“Oh absolutely. There are times where you think, ‘where did that come from’? But I’ve been lucky, the storylines they’ve given me are all high drama.”

It’s not going to end well for Linden and Faye, is it?

“Oh no, of course not. It’s doomed I would say. You’ll be surprised at what’s in store though…”

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