Ginny Holder reveals how she exits Holby

It’s farewell to Thandie in Holby City on Tuesday, Feb 23, on BBC One. Actress Ginny Holder talks about her emotional goodbye…

Things have been looking up for Thandie lately haven’t they?

“Yes! She’s got her relationship with her husband, Ric, back in the right direction, her job is going great. It’s all so good, until she turns up for work one day!”

What happens?

“Her brother, Moses turns up, he has advanced stage AIDS and he’s basically travelled from Uganda to get her help.”

Why is that so bad?

“It wouldn’t be but Thandie wants to help him herself, which goes against the rules – she lies and pretends that he’s a stranger so that she can treat him.”

Does she tell Ric?

“Yes, he actually helps her. That part is quite sweet – working together.”

But things start to get out of control don’t they?

“Thandie discovers that Moses’ illness is far worse than they realised. He doesn’t have long to live. When he discovers that, he asks her to help him die with dignity.”

How does she react?

“She’s horrified. She can’t do it. She can’t kill her own brother. But, in the end, she realises he wants to avoid a long, painful, horrible death. Her love for her brother wins out in the end – she agrees.”

What are the consequences of her actions?

“Nothing legally, she admits the truth to Ric and he does help her cover herself. But they know that their relationship is over. Ric is a man of principle – he doesn’t agree with what she’s done, but he does understand.”

She decides to leave Holby?

“She knows that her time there is up. With what she’s just done, the end of her marriage to Ric – she knows there’s nothing more for her there. She decides to quit and take Moses’ body back to Uganda.”

It’s a tragic end!

“I know! I’m getting emotional just thinking about it. I have to say it’s beautifully written. I was so lucky. I am sad to see Thandie go, but I never dwell when I leave a job. As one door closes, another opens.”

Is this the last we’ll see of Thandie?

“For now, yes. But I never expected to come back last time, so perhaps in the future she will return? I had a blast on Holby, I’ll miss the guys there lots.”

What’s next for you?

“I’m working in Denmark on a project with Lars Von Trier who did the horror film Antichrist. It’s all quite exciting, so watch out for me!”

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