Hari: ‘A patient will die because of the policy’

Hari Dhillon reveals how Michael’s plans to impress the new business manager backfire – almost ending in tragedy in Holby City (BBC1, Tuesday)…

How is Michael handling having to implement the no-referrals policy?

“He knows the no-referrals policy isn’t going to work. It’s the most hare-brained scheme he’s ever seen, it’s an absurd situation, but he’s facing an uphill battle. He feels as though he’s shouting in the wind and no one is listening.”

Why does he decide to go along with it?

“He hears the scheme is only in place for one more day, so Michael sees his chance. He knows the scheme isn’t going to work, but he decides to play the long game in order to secure extra funds for the ward from the new business manager George Binns, who is there observing.”

What can you tell us about the risk he takes for his patient, Susie?

“Susie’s story strikes a chord with him, as his family is in the States too. He’s in this bizarre situation where he’s separated from his English-born ex-wife and kids. They’re in America while he’s in the UK, so he understands what Susie’s going through and is determined to help her. But because of the policy he can’t send her for surgery, even though her operation is due the next day. It makes him furious! He doesn’t want someone messing around on his patch – no one knows what the ward needs better than him.”

What happens when things go wrong with her surgery?

“Saving Susie comes down to a last ditch attempt. Michael is so up against the wall, he’s furious and really snaps at George Binns. His cunning plan backfires – he wants George to trust him, but it all blows up in his face.”

And how do things work out?

“He ends up saving Susie, but he thinks it’s a complete disaster and he’s blown all his chances of getting extra funding. So when George congratulates him he thinks the money is in the bag. But then when George says that because they handled it so well they don’t need extra funding, Michael knows he’s shot himself in the foot.”

Who does Michael blame for the problems on AAU?

“He knows Selena is the engine room behind the idea. He tells her ‘you are the one who is going to kill a patient’. Michael knows this policy is dangerous and he tells Serena very bluntly that it’s only a matter of time before a patient dies as a result.”

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