Holby’s former bad boy Michael Spence returns on Tuesday – and Guy is not pleased to see him, as Hari Dhillon reveals…

It’s great to see you back in Holby City – was returning to the role of Michael like putting on a pair of comfy slippers?
“It certainly was. Although the irony is that, since I left, the show has gone through some pretty big changes with lots of new characters and direction, so while the buildings are familiar, many of the actors are very different.”

What’s the ‘apparent’ reason for Michael’s return?
“Well basically, Chicago Bay hospital is due to send another doctor to Holby as part of an exchange programme, but that poor doctor suffers a heart attack, so they send a replacement – but unbeknownst to Holby CEO Guy Self, that replacement is Michael!”

How does Guy react to seeing him?
“Guy looks like he wants to cry and punch Michael all at the same time! Michael left Holby under a cloud – he’d performed a surgical procedure that went against hospital protocol and Guy wanted to put him on suspension, but Michael told him: ‘You’re not gonna suspend me, I’m gonna walk!’ Guy would quite happily never lay eyes on Michael again.”

How does Michael convince Guy to let him stay?
“Michael plays his ace card and basically makes Guy realise that what he can offer him and Holby is certainly in Guy’s best interests.”

So has Michael come back out of the goodness of his heart?
“Not exactly. As is always the way with Michael, it’s a case of opportunity meets convenience. Michael’s reasons for returning to Holby aren’t entirely altruistic and we eventually find out what his true motivation is for coming back.”

Any hints about what that might be?
“As usual, Michael’s running away from a situation he considers not to be of his own making. Basically, Michael’s made every single mistake he can with women – but he always manages to find new ways!”

Holby City continues on Tuesdays at 8pm on BBC1.