High drama ahead for Holby’s Clifford

There’s more drama on the horizon for Holby City’s surgeon Daniel Clifford.

Actor Peter Wingfield, who plays him, revealed: “Trouble brews when his sister-in-law shows up at the hospital and brings a family issue with her that draws Clifford’s other world into his hospital life.

“It’s really interesting because you see a completely different side to the character, and there are some pretty unexpected changes in store for Clifford.”

And the 44-year-old says he loves the role: “Clifford is a fantastic character, I’m loving playing him. He’s got a wildness to him, and you never know what he’s going to do next.”

And the Cardiff-born actor adds that – unusually – he’s not tired of the role yet.

“I get bored very easily and series work has always been very hard for me,” he says. “Coming into Holby City, because of the strength of the writing, the idea of who the character would be and his back story, I thought there was something in there that would be interesting and challenging to play.

“I’m 11 months in and I’m more excited about coming to work today than I was yesterday.”

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