Holby actress Amanda keen to adopt

Holby City star Amanda Mealing has said she would love another child, even though she can’t have a baby of her own any more.

Amanda, best known as ruthless clincal lead Connie Beauchamp, can no longer conceive after undergoing treatment for breast cancer five years ago.

But the mum-of-two told the Daily Mirror: “I’ve always had the idea of adopting. We have a very big house, it’s the sort of place that needs to be filled with lots of people.”

With a house full of boys, Amanda said she would like a daughter.

“I would love a girl – it’s very loud in my house. My boys will tell me, ‘Mum, go and sit down because we’re going to have a fight and it’s going to get rough!'”

But the TV star said: “I’d like to adopt but it’s such a difficult slow process. I know they have to be very protective of the children but it’s almost like a character assassination.”

Amanda’s character Connie recently gave birth to baby Grace on the programme.

“It was the most vulnerable thing I’ve ever done,” she admitted. “I sat with my legs in stirrups in front of all these guys in the crew for about five hours. At the first rehearsal, I noticed all the men were wincing.”

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