Holby boss’s moving speech at Patsy’s real wedding

(VIDEO) Patsy Kensit has spoken fondly about Holby City‘s executive producer Tony McHale, who stepped in to give a speech at her wedding recently.

Patsy, whose character Faye Morton marries Joseph Byrne in the BBC medical drama on Tuesday night, wed DJ Jeremy Healy in April of this year and she revealed how ‘paternal’ Tony gave a ‘wonderful’ speech to guests at the reception.

She told whatsontv.co.uk: “Tony is far too young to be a father to me, but I do look on him as quite a paternal person and I just adore him.

“My sons gave me away, but it was never appropriate for them to get up and speak on my wedding day, so I asked Tony if he would say a few words and he did a wonderful speech.”

Meanwhile, Holby fans can catch Patsy’s fictional wedding as Faye and Joseph tie the knot in Holby City on Tuesday, June 9 on BBC One.

CLICK below to watch Patsy Kensit talking about her real-life wedding

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