Holby City: Chrissie’s date with Dr Evil (VIDEO)

VIDEO EXCLUSIVE: Chrissie Williams thought she’d met the man of her dreams in surgeon Stuart. But it’s now her worst nightmare, says Holby star Tina Hobley

Holby City’s dedicated nurse Chrissie Williams has had her fair share of romances with the hospital’s male staff – but she was certain she’d finally found ‘the one’ in sexy surgeon Stuart McElroy, played by Connor Mullen. Or so she thought.

“He becomes slighty possessive and he’s always there when she’s with Sam,” says Tina. “Then Chrissie finds out that he’s tried to get Sam off her ward and he’s done it in a way that makes Sam look incompetent.”

Chrissie and Stuart have a huge row, and when he admits that he’s an alcoholic, the feisty nurse decides to call an end to their relationship. And to say that Stuart doesn’t take the news well is an understatement.

Tina says: “It’s a horrible day that escalates into this terrible scene in theatre where she’s telling him to go home and he, in a moment of horror, picks up a scalpel…”

Since filming the harrowing scenes, due to be shown on Tuesday February 5, Tina is now on maternity leave from the show.

And what does Tina think traumatised Chrissie will be doing while she’s away? “It’ll be San Tropez for Chrissie I think for six months,” she laughs.

VIDEO: Click here to watch Tina Hobley talk about Chrissie’s attack

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