Holby City fans praise ‘fabulous’ return of Serena Campbell as she sets out to get Ric out of jail

Holby City viewers warmly welcome back Serena Campbell

Having been made to wait a day longer for the return of Serena Campbell due to the football, Holby City viewers were united in their joy at the long-awaited comeback of the fan favourite.

The former consultant, played by Catherine Russell, stepped in as acting CEO while Henrik Hanssen took some time away and she was immediately thrown in the deep end as her old friend Ric Griffin was brought in after being stabbed with a screwdriver in prison. And Serena is determined to help Ric, who’s on remand awaiting trial for medical manslaughter, declaring: “Ric will be found innocent!”

One fan wrote: “Fabulous episode tonight! Much anticipated return of Ms Campbell beautifully handled and written… not an easy thing to write when you had so many people glued waiting for 309 days and 23 hours…”

Another wrote: “Superb episode tonight. So good to have Miss Campbell back.”

Fans also hope Henrik won’t be away for long, with one writing: “Great episode. Lovely to see Henrik too. Please say he’s back for good soon.”

Another said: “Don’t let HH be away for too long please! I need him!”

Speaking about her return to us as Serena and how she plans to help Ric, Catherine Russell told us: “There’s a bit of detective work going on between Serena and AAU nurse Donna (Jaye Jacobs) to establish why Ric left the ward that day and why he’s refusing to reveal what he was doing.

“He claims he left to tend to a family emergency but that story doesn’t quite hold water, as Serena discovers. So Serena and Donna form an alliance to try and determine why Ric left the ward, why he was gone for three hours and why he’s being so cagey about it!”

Holby City continues next Tuesday.

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