Holby City fans unimpressed show has been moved to tomorrow due to footy. AGAIN!

Holby City will now be shown on Wednesday - 24 hour wait for this week's episode, pictured.

Holby City viewers are seriously frustrated that the show has been moved from tonight’s regular slot due to football – again!

It’s the second time in a month that the hospital hit has been delayed 24 hours – fans tuning in expecting Holby tonight on BBC1 will find themselves watching FA Cup football! Holby City is instead being shown on Wednesday at 8pm – the episode sees Lofty worried about his nan.

“TO ALL STAFF! Please check your rota. Tuesday’s Holby City is now on WEDNESDAY,” declared the show’s official Twitter feed.

And viewers aren’t happy, one wrote: “Ugh! I’m not liking it when the football gets in the way of my Holby time!”

Another wrote, “Stupid football getting in the way again.”

One fan wrote: “I hate it when football ruins my Tues nights.”

Another joked that perhaps it was the snow preventing the Holby team from making it in to work.

Holby City is on Wednesday at 8pm, fingers crossed should be back to normal next week!

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