Holby City: ‘Is Dan’s secret out?’

Dan gets close to male nurse Stephen in this week’s Holby City – and they’re spotted by Greg! Adam Astill, who plays Dan, tells us more…

What’s Dan’s initial reaction when Stephen returns to Holby?

“Initially, it’s one of shock and horror because he thinks that Stephen might be up to something. Dan’s worried that Stephen’s there to throw a spanner in the works between him and Chrissie.”

Why is Stephen really at Holby?

“Stephen’s at the hospital with a possible wrist fracture, so it’s up to orthopaedic surgeon Dan to examine him. But Dan doesn’t want to touch Stephen, fearing his actions will be misinterpreted by someone, so Dan gives Stephen a very cursory examination – then warns him off whatever he has planned.”

How does Stephen react to this?

“Stephen doesn’t appreciate Dan’s accusation that he’s trying to ruin things and angrily discharges himself. However, it turns out Stephen’s condition is more serious than Dan thought, so he’s forced to go running after him. Dan tells him about the severity of his condition and admits he misdiagnosed because he didn’t want to get close to him.”

Is Stephen understanding?

“Stephen does understand what Dan’s going through, so he’s fairly forgiving. As they say goodbye there’s a tender moment between them – and it’s spotted by Greg!”

This must be Dan’s worst nightmare?

“Absolutely! Dan’s horrified to have been caught out – and by his blokey mate Greg, of all people. It really is his worst nightmare!”

Holby City continues on Tuesdays at 8pm on BBC1.