Holby City star Rosie Marcel reveals unexpected baby joy

Holby City star Rosie Marcel has described the ‘amazing’ moment she discovered she was pregnant two days before she was due to start IVF treatment.

The actress and her husband, Ben Stacey, turned to IVF after a miscarriage nine months ago.

She told Hello! Magazine: “It was an amazing feeling, crazy. Literally 48 hours before I started injections. I was pregnant.

“I had done so many pregnancy tests during the eight months we’d been trying hard for a baby that I fully expected it to come back negative as it always did.”

The 37-year-old star had gone through the pain of the miscarriage at the same time as her character, Doctor Jac Naylor, was giving birth on screen in the hospital drama.

She said: “God, it was the worst timing because while my character was giving birth, I knew I was pregnant and had this feeling that it was going wrong.

“I certainly blamed myself because you think of all the things you’ve done wrong. As a woman, you feel like you’ve failed. I went down the rabbit hole, as others do. I felt terribly sorry for myself and it was difficult to pick myself up.”

She is now preparing for the baby’s arrival early next year, saying: “This feels completely different to the last pregnancy so I’m more positive about it.”

And she says she is looking forward to telling the rest of the cast, saying: “At least they might understand why I’ve been forgetting my lines and falling asleep on the beds in Darwin ward.”