Holby City: Tara’s big secret is out!

When a secret is uncovered, Holby‘s Tara Lo fears her dream of being a doctor is over, as Jing Lusi reveals…

What kicks off this turn of events for Tara?

“A patient, Lainey, has come onto Darwin ward and when Tara leaves the guard down on her bed she has a fall, hitting her head. When Lainey comes around she’s speaking in a Scottish accent.”

How does Tara try to solve the problem?

“Tara thinks Lainey has developed foreign accent syndrome and, to try and fix things, takes her to have an MRI scan. But Lainey’s nervous about it so, to prove how easy the procedure is, Tara gives herself an MRI scan then deletes her results. But Tara’s attempts to help go very wrong again – only this time it backfires on her, not the patient.”

How do things backfire for Tara?

“Well, Tara’s results find their way back to Hanssen revealing that she’s been hiding a potentially life-threatening condition.”

How does Tara feel once she realises Hanssen knows her secret?

“She can’t quite believe the cat’s out of the bag. The last thing she wanted was this secret getting out – and it’s gone straight to Hanssen of all people.”

Why has she been so keen to keep her illness a secret?

“Tara knows that if it got out she could lose her job because she could be putting patients at risk. Also, she doesn’t want charity or sympathy – she just wants to prove she’s a normal doctor who’s good at her job.”

Does this episode help explain why Tara’s always been so keen to impress her colleagues at Holby?

“Absolutely! Tara’s always been so keen to impress at Holby because she knows she’s a ticking time-bomb. She doesn’t have time to gradually work her way up the ranks; if she can speed up the process to promotion she will. Because she has to.”

*Holby City continues Tuesdays at 8pm on BBC1

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