HolbyBlue is coming back – with a special first episode linking up with its sister show Holby City.

The new series of the spin-off cop drama will begin with a crossover edition, linking the shows and featuring several characters from the medical drama.

The special edition has a soapy flavour too – it’s been written by former EastEnders writing duo Tony McHale and Tony Jordan.

Everything kicks off when a major incident at the hospital sees various characters from Holby City interacting with those in HolbyBlue when they attend the police station to be interviewed.

Tony told website holby.tv: “There are several familiar faces from Holby City appearing in the first episode in a dramatic and intriguing storyline that spans both shows.

“I don’t want to give too much away at this stage, but suffice to say the arrest causes a stir at the hospital, and the officers at Holby South Station have their work cut out for them as they have conflicting witness statements and very little evidence to go on.

“The case tests the skills of CID, especially John Keenan and Luke French, who are pushed to the limits.”

HolbyBlue returns in the spring for a 12-part run.